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Installation on Wix

Easily integrate the XAPP Chat Widget into your Wix website with these steps.


  • Access to your Wix site editor
  • A published Wix site with connected custom domain
    • Free Wix sites do not support custom code
  • Your unique script snippet or widget key from Studio
    • See instructions here

Installation Steps

  1. Open Your Site Editor

    • Log in to your Wix account and open your site in the editor.
  2. Access the Custom Code Setting

    • Go to Settings > Custom code in the Advanced section
  3. Add Custom Code

    • Click + Add Custom Code at the top right
  4. Insert the JavaScript Snippet

    • Paste the following snippet into the code box:


      Note! Please replace "YOUR_CHAT_KEY" with your actual widget key.

  5. Set Up Code

    • Name the code (e.g., XAPP Chat Widget).
    • Apply it to All pages, including Load code once.
    • Select to place the code in the Body - end section
  6. Publish Your Changes

    • Save and publish your site to make the changes live.
  7. Verify Installation

    • Visit your live site to ensure the XAPP Chat Widget is functioning correctly.


  • Widget Not Visible: Check if the code was saved correctly and published.
  • Look for Script Errors: If there are issues, check the browser console for any script-related errors.


For additional support, reach out to XAPP support.