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Installation on Squarespace

This guide will assist you in adding the XAPP Chat Widget to your Squarespace website using a JavaScript snippet.


  • Administrative access to your Squarespace account.
  • Your unique key for the XAPP Chat Widget.

Installation Steps

  1. Access Your Squarespace Website

    • Log in to your Squarespace dashboard.
    • Navigate to Website.
Select website
  1. Select Pages
Select pages
  1. Select Utilies -> Website Tools
Select website tools
  1. In the Custom code section, select Code Injection
Select code injection
  1. Insert the JavaScript Snippet in Code Injection

    • Click on Code Injection.
    • In the Footer section, paste the following snippet:

      Note! Please replace "YOUR_CHAT_KEY" with your actual widget key.

Inject Snippet
  1. Save Your Changes

    • Click Save to apply the changes.
  2. Verify Installation

    • Refresh your website to ensure the XAPP Chat Widget is visible and functional.


  • Widget Not Appearing: Confirm that the code was entered correctly and in the Footer section.
  • Functionality Issues: Check for any JavaScript errors in your browser's console.

For additional support or queries, contact XAPP support.