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Installation on Drupal

This guide explains how to add the XAPP Chat Widget to your Drupal website using a JavaScript snippet.


  • Administrative access to your Drupal site.
  • Your unique key for the XAPP Chat Widget.

Installation Steps

  1. Access the Theme Settings

    • Log in to your Drupal admin panel.
    • Navigate to Appearance and click on the 'Settings' of your active theme.
  2. Add the JavaScript Snippet

    • In the theme settings, look for an option to add custom JavaScript or HTML.

    • Insert the following snippet:


      Note! Please replace "YOUR_CHAT_KEY" with your actual widget key.

  3. Save and Clear Cache

    • After adding the snippet, save the changes.
    • Clear your site's cache from Configuration > Performance.
  4. Verify Installation

    • Visit your site to ensure the XAPP Chat Widget appears and functions correctly.


  • Widget Not Displaying: Ensure the snippet is correctly added and the cache is cleared.
  • Check for Conflicts: Look for JavaScript conflicts or errors in the browser's console.

For further assistance, contact XAPP support.