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Welcome to the XAPP Chat Widget installation guide. This document provides an overview of the installation process and links to detailed instructions for various Content Management Systems (CMS) and specific features of the widget.


The XAPP Chat Widget can be easily integrated into your website, offering a range of features from AI-driven interactions to real-time live chat capabilities. To get started, select the guide that corresponds to your CMS or specific feature need.

Installation Guides for CMS Platforms

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If you don't see your CMS above, our script snippet method will work for most platforms:

We also support a React module for installation within React applications, this is considered advanced and requires developers:

General Installation Steps

  1. Obtain the XAPP Chat Widget Code

    • Get your unique widget code snippet, which includes a key for your specific implementation from your XAPP Studio dashboard.
  2. Insert the Code into Your Website

    • Add the widget code to your website's HTML. The exact location may vary based on your CMS (refer to specific guides above).
  3. Customize as Needed

    • Customize the settings of your chat widget via your XAPP dashboard to fit your website’s style and your specific requirements.
  4. Test the Widget

    • Once installed, test the widget on your site to ensure it's functioning correctly.
  5. Go Live

    • After successful testing, your chat widget is ready to interact with your site visitors.