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Lead Alerts

This document provides an overview of the Lead Alerts feature in the XAPP Chat Widget, specifically designed for users of the free tier.


Lead Alerts are an essential feature for website owners using the free tier of the XAPP Chat Widget. This feature notifies owners when a visitor has interacted with the AI chatbot, indicating potential interest or queries from the visitor. The alert is sent via email and includes a summary of the conversation, giving the website owner a useful context about the visitor's inquiry.


  1. Triggering Lead Alerts

    • A Lead Alert is automatically triggered when a visitor engages in a significant interaction with the AI chatbot.
    • The system evaluates the conversation to determine if it qualifies as a potential lead based on predefined criteria.
  2. Email Notification

    • Once triggered, an email alert is sent to the website owner or designated recipient.
    • The email is sent in real-time or shortly after the interaction, ensuring prompt notification.
  3. Content of the Alert

    • The email includes a summary of the conversation between the visitor and the AI chatbot.
    • This summary provides insights into the visitor's interests, questions, or concerns, allowing for a more informed follow-up.


  • Timely Notifications: Website owners receive immediate updates about potential leads, allowing for quick responses.
  • Conversation Insights: The summary provides context, helping the owner understand the visitor's needs before direct contact.
  • Increased Engagement: Prompt follow-up on leads can enhance visitor engagement and improve conversion rates.

Use Case

Ideal for small businesses or individuals using the free tier, Lead Alerts help in identifying and acting on potential customer inquiries without the need for constant monitoring of the chat interactions.


  • Lead Alerts are only available in the free tier of the XAPP Chat Widget.
  • The feature relies on the AI's assessment to qualify interactions as potential leads.


Lead Alerts are a valuable tool for website owners using the free tier of the XAPP Chat Widget, offering timely notifications and insights into visitor interactions. This feature aids in identifying potential leads and enhancing customer engagement through informed responses.