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Getting Started

OC Studio offers the ability to quickly create conversational assistants through the user interface that can:

  • Facilitate basic back and forth interactions
  • Answer questions based on a knowledgebase
  • Leverage built-in channels for Alexa, Google Assistant, Chat Widget, and more.

There may be some situations where you need to go beyond this functionality, which you can through custom development. Most likely use cases for needing custom development:

  • API integrations
  • Custom logic not suppored by the built-in conditions
  • Custom or unavailable channels

What's Involved

At a high-level, development will require you to:

  • Create an application based on the open-source Stentor SDK
    • Use one of the example projects below
  • Configure the application to communicate with OC Studio using an access token
  • Create custom handlers for workflows or custom channels for deploying
  • Update existing channels with the new endpoint based on your deployed application

Example Projects

Organization ID, Application ID and Intent ID

Each organization, application, and intent or handler has a unique identifier. These are used throughout development for referencing information. The ID for each of these can be found in the URL of Studio.{{organizationId}}/{{appId}}/{intents|handlers}/{{intentId}}

For example, in the following URL:

The organizationID is xapp, the appId is city-of-pawnee and the intentId is LaunchRequest.