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Use chat that actually works! Trained on your company website, deploy a very capable AI assistant to answer questions, and capture leads. Watch the following video that demonstrates XAPP Chat.


AI powered self-service Solutions will help you answer questions, generate leads, and drive growth. Using the content from your own website, XAPP AI provides an intelligent chat solution powered by artificial intelligence. You're up and running in minutes with a capable assistant that's trained on your company's own information.

We've crawled the content of this demonstration site that sells HVAC, plumbing, and electric services in Northern Virginia. In just minutes, you will have a chat GPT style assistant that has deep knowledge of your business and industries you're in. Now visitors to your website can ask questions aided by helpful autocomplete suggestions.

The chat assistant understands the language of many Industries including buying intents. For instance, watch as we type about an urgent issue. This is a clear indication the user wants to connect with the business. The conversation naturally flows into a lead capture. We provide helpful components to collect their address and scheduling information we integrate with many of the most popular platforms allowing you to seamlessly connect with just a few clicks.

Once connected, you'll receive scheduling requests and leads with a complete transcript of the conversation. You also have the ability to take over the chat, get alerted when you have a new visitor or someone wants to connect with the live person jump into the conversation from your phone or desktop.