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XAPP Search

Search has traditionally been about listing the matching links to your questions, then navigating to those links to try your luck that you've found the correct answer. Not anymore, add AI powered search that returns a generated AI response, trained on your company website.


Providing search alongside chat complements the experience, increases engagement, and lets users choose how they wish to interact. Using the content from your own website XAPP, provides an intelligent search solution powered by artificial intelligence.

You're up and running in minutes with a capable assistant that's trained on your company's own information. We've crawled the content of this demonstration site that sells HVAC, plumbing and electric services in Northern Virginia. In just minutes you will have a chat GPT style assistant that has deep knowledge of your business and industries you're in. Now visitors to your website can ask questions aided by helpful autocomplete suggestions.

XAPP AI provides built-in FAQs for various Industries including home, financial, and legal services. Here's the best part, you'll see every question that's being asked of your business and you're providing a helpful self-service solution for visitors to your website