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Organizations, Applications and Members


An organization is a group of one or more applications and people that manage those applications.

Unless you are under an enterprise agreement, the organization has a plan and payment method associated with it. Consumption from all the applications under the organization counts towards the plan the organization is under. This allows you to have your sandbox, development, staging, and production versions of the application under the same organization.


An application belongs to an organization. It contains all the content for running the conversational assistant and gives you analytical information about the assistant's performance. Tokens, for accessing this content programmatically, are also at the application level. One applications token cannot access another application's information nor can it post events to another application.

Members and Roles‚Äč

You can invite new members under the organization’s members page, which can be accessed by clicking the organizations name in the header then selecting the members tab.

Organization Owners - The owner can modify the billing (when applicable), invite new owners, admins, and generic members. They also have read, write, update, and delete access to all application resources.


The person who makes the new organization is automatically designated as the organization owner.

Organization Admins - Admins have all the same privileges as owners except they cannot invite new owners or modify the billing.

Organization Member - These members can access all the applications, and depending on their other permissions they can either read or edit content in the applications. They cannot invite new members.

Application Permissions‚Äč

App Editors - Not Recommended - For some legacy scenarios, we can define certain application templates that we can restrict users to edit.

App Readers - Not Recommend - For some legacy scenarios, we can defined certain application templates that we can restrict users to read.

Custom App Editor - The default for newly invited users. This user can edit every aspect of the application.

Custom App Reader - This user can only read (view) information for an application, any attempted edits will error.